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Wednesday 13th December 2023

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Once again we held our Christmas party in place of our December presentation and it proved to be a very enjoyable evening all round. Andy started off the evening by welcoming everyone to the party. He then informed us that, despite the many hours he had spent putting together a slide show of images to roll along on the big screen throughout the evening, the equipment on the night had once again let us down so there were no images. What a rotten shame. Never mind, we had plenty up our sleeves to keep everyone occupied - and I think it worked! As in previous years, the committee had laid out the usual sausage rolls, cheese and pineapple, snacks, nuts and mince pies on the buffet table, and there was a plentiful supply of wine, beer and soft drinks at the back of the hall - thanks to Gina for organising the these by the way. Answer sheets and pens had been laid out on the tables in readiness for the quiz that Kevin Leakey had prepared. There were quite a few pictures showing sections of well-known buildings around Swindon, and we had to name the buildings, or the streets in which they stood. There was another quiz too. We had to guess the committee member from a baby photo, and this was much harder than it sounds! We all had our heads down trying to think of an answer to every question. Then it was time for the raffle - Diane and Jennie did their usual stint at the front calling out the numbers, and each winner went up to choose a prize. I got lucky and won a prize - I chose a box of luxury crackers - very nice! All in all, the quizzes were challenging, we had festive music playing the whole time, and the conversation flowed continuously. I think it is fair to say that a good time was had by all. Thank you all for coming along and making our party so special. Angie Phillips - December 2023

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